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troops was fteeing the Pemmasani, the Mesa, and the Hande
Chiefs pursued him on their horses. Having captured him, they
beheaded him promptly, and hoisted his head on a flag-staff.

Kaifiyit of tfadimidoddifalem : L. R. 39, pp. 16-18.

The rule of the kings of the Lunar dynasty came to an
end at Hastinapura* Three brothers Konamraju, Timmaraju,
and Ramaraju, who were the descendants of the Pandavas in
the female line, came (to Vijayanagara). Konamraju settled
in Awku and Banuganipalle ; Timmaraju went to Oandi-Ganda-
varam. Ramaraju stayed at the court of Krsnaraya who had
given him his daughter in marriage. As Krsnaraya had no
male issue, Ramaraju became king after his death, and ruled
till !.S- 1476.* During his rule, he came to Jdavani, where he
built a palace, and a fort which extended as far as the Mondu
bastion on the way to Tummalam Grate. He also founded (on
this occasion, a suburb of the city, called) Sukravarapupeta.

Kaifiyat of AdavZni : L. R. 10, p. 34.

Then Sadasiva Maharaya, the son of Ranga, the elder
brother of Acyutaraya, ascended the jewelled-throne of
Vijayanagara, and was governing the kingdom of the earth.
During his time, Ramaraja, the son of Sriranga, and the
grandson of Ramadevaraja of Kandanavolu, having gathered all
power in his hands, was administering the kingdom as yuva-
raja. As he married Krsnadeva Maharaya's daughter Tirumal-
amma, he was commonly called in Kanarese Aliya Ramaraja.
JSfaiJlfat of KandanavSJu : Z. JR. 16, p. 45L.
ELrfi^adevaraya died in the year Tarana corresponding to
.S. lB87f . Then the shepherd Salakam Timmayya who was in
charge of the treasury at Vijayanagara usurped (the throne),
aiid rated for some time.    As there was no lawful sovereign in
* The date is wrong ; the correct date i* .S. I486.
t*?fcU date which is occasionally mt with in the Local Records, is, of course, wrong.